Elevate your productivity and success with Mrs Universal Empire's empowering workshops.

As a leading international entertainment company, we are committed to empowering women from all walks of life with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to thrive personally and professionally. Let’s dive into what makes our online workshops the ultimate platform for women’s empowerment.

Our online workshops for women empowerment are designed to inspire, motivate, and uplift women to reach their highest potential. From personal development and leadership skills to entrepreneurship and career advancement, our workshops cover a wide range of topics to support women in every aspect of their lives.

Business Development Workshop

Unlock your potential and elevate your business acumen with the Business Development Workshop led by visionary entrepreneur Dr. Layla Najafe, President and Founder of Mrs. Universal Empire International Entertainment Company. Gain invaluable insights, strategies, and tools to accelerate your professional growth and take your business to new heights. Learn practical skills in market analysis, strategic planning, sales and marketing, financial management, and leadership. Join us and unleash your ability to drive positive change, seize opportunities, and achieve your business goals.

Fees – For group course 350 GBP + VAT each , for 1 to 1 please contact us.

Models Portfolio Workshop

Dive into the realm of fashion mastery with our exclusive Modelling Workshop, led by the iconic “Queen of the Stage” herself. 

Beyond mere movement, modelling becomes an expression of your soul in this transformative experience.Join us to refine your skills, craft your profile, and empower yourself in the captivating world of fashion. Receive world-class coaching and earn a certificate of completion, with the top performers earning the coveted chance to grace the runway in our international fashion shows.Discover the essence of runway modelling as you learn to command attention, showcase garments with grace, and radiate confidence and charisma. Unlock your potential and embark on a journey to elevate your modelling career to unprecedented heights of success and fulfillment.

Our modelling workshop is committed to fostering new talent and offering women boundless opportunities to showcase their brilliance in the fashion realm.

We firmly believe that everyone deserves the chance to pursue their dreams with confidence and without hesitation.
Fees – For group course 400 GBP + VAT each , for 1 to 1 please contact us.

Etiquette Workshop

Step into the world of refinement and elegance with Her Highness Princess Aisha at Mrs Universal Empire’s Online Etiquette Workshop. Discover the secrets to dining like royalty as you elevate your dining experiences to regal heights. Master the art of impeccable table manners and indulge in the sophistication of dining etiquette.Just as kings and queens of old savored their meals with dignity and poise, embracing proper etiquette enhances the ambiance and cultivates an atmosphere of respect and refinement. With each graceful gesture, from the placement of utensils to interactions with fellow diners, indulge in a feast for the senses where every bite is savored with appreciation and every conversation is seasoned with warmth and charm.Join us in honoring culinary delights and elevating dining experiences to moments of true royalty. Let us dine with the grace and dignity befitting kings and queens, embracing the importance of table manners to savor every meal like a royal banquet. Experience a world where every bite is fit for royalty.

Fees – For group course 350 GBP + VAT each , for 1 to 1 please contact us.

Women Empowerment Workshop

Unleash your potential and ignite your journey of self-discovery with the Women Empowerment Workshop hosted by Mrs Universal Empire 2021 and expert life coach, Suzan Nguyen. Dive deep into understanding your values, strengths, and growth opportunities, paving the way for enhanced confidence, clarity, and purpose in life. Gain invaluable skills and strategies to overcome challenges, cultivate positive change, and live authentically. Join us and embark on a transformative experience of personal growth, empowerment, and fulfilment.

Fees – For group course 350 GBP + VAT each , for individuals please contact us.