With the world's population exceeding 8 billion, now is the prime moment to connect with a vast global audience.

From cultural ministries or Tourism ministries, from high-tech ventures to scientific breakthroughs, from startup to giant companies, from hospitality sector, restaurants and food chains, alcohol or organic drinks, luxury cars, airlines to holiday services sponsoring our international events promises to catapult your business to new heights of success.

Our events offer an unparalleled opportunity to achieve just that. By partnering with us, you not only save on marketing expenses but also unlock a superior marketing strategy. Our platform acts as a one-stop destination where your products, services, and business can flourish in front of a massive international audience, poised to become your loyal customers of the future.

Our events reach audiences worldwide through live streams, guaranteeing maximum visibility and engagement. According to Statista, the global live streaming market was valued at $30.9 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $184.3 billion by 2027. This trend highlights the immense potential of reaching audiences through live events.

Don’t pass up this chance to showcase your business on a global scale and solidify your position as an industry leader. Entertainment has historically been the most potent tool for fostering connection and engagement across borders. While businesses invest heavily in various advertising forms, our international events offer a unique opportunity to amplify the impact of your sponsorship investment.

Tourism and cultural opportunities:

By partnering with Mrs. Universal Empire, countries can leverage our platform to attract visitors, boost revenue, and create employment opportunities. 

Statistics underscore the profound impact of tourism promotion on global economies. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the tourism industry accounted for 10.4% of global GDP and supported 334 million jobs in 2019. Additionally, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation reported that international tourist arrivals reached 1.5 billion in 2019, generating over $1.5 trillion in export earnings.

Our tailored sponsorship packages offer special services designed to highlight each country’s unique tourism and investment prospects, maximising exposure and engagement.

Real Estate

Furthermore, the real estate sector can harness the power of our events to showcase expertise to a global audience. 

With global real estate investment amounting to $830 billion in 2020 and international buyers contributing $54.4 billion to the U.S. economy in residential property sales in the same year, the potential for growth and expansion is undeniable.

Our sponsorship packages offer a platform to gain visibility, attract investment, and forge valuable connections within the global real estate community. Join us in showcasing your expertise to a worldwide audience and unlock the full potential of your real estate projects with Mrs Universal Empire.

From Startups companies to Giant Companies, from hospitality sector, restaurants and food chains, alcohol or organic drinks, luxury cars, airlines to holiday services


Global Brand Exposure
With audiences from around the globe, our  events provide an unparalleled opportunity for brand exposure, enabling companies to connect with potential customers worldwide.


Expanded Brand Awareness
Research shows that 74% of consumers develop a more positive opinion about a brand after attending an event, while 65% of brands receive increased media coverage through event sponsorship.


Direct Engagement with a Diverse Audience
Companies can engage directly with a diverse audience in a meaningful way, with 75% of marketers considering in-person events the most effective tactic for engaging with target audiences.


Strengthened Customer Relationships
Event sponsorship allows companies to build and strengthen relationships with existing customers, contributing to improved customer loyalty and retention.


Generation of Qualified Leads
Our events provide a platform for capturing valuable leads and prospects, with 58% of marketers considering them the most effective tactic for generating sales leads.


Positive Return on Investment (ROI)
Sponsorship of international  events can deliver a significant ROI, as evidenced by 85% of marketers citing the value of face-to-face events in building relationships with customers.

Let's unlock new opportunities and leave a lasting impression. 

In summary, sponsoring Mrs Universal Empire’s international live stream events offers businesses a strategic opportunity to increase brand exposure, enhance brand awareness, engage with a diverse audience, strengthen customer relationships, generate leads, and achieve a positive ROI.