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Mrs Universal Empire is one of the world's leading middle-aged beauty pageants.

Mrs Universal Empire is one of the world’s leading middle-aged beauty pageants.

It is wonderfully exciting that for the first time in pageant history, an international beauty contest will be recognising beauty across the age spectrum, health conditions and cultures. The the world is, at last, a changing place for the better.

Mrs Universal Empire provides a unique platform for the middle-aged woman to experience new opportunities in sharing their valuable experiences with others.

Women are beautiful at each and every age of their existence – their looks may change but not their beauty. They evolve with a deeper expression of their emotions and a richness in their personalities. That is when their inner light can shine through.

With this unique platform, our aim is to effect enormous change in a new direction. We aim to eradicate the culture of women being invisible merely due to their age, health, culture, colour or religion and to edit out the distractions that prevent women from achieving their full potential and being allowed to join in and celebrate who they are, regardless of their circumstances or life experiences.

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To become a contestant, you must:

All the contestants in the Mrs Universal Empire 2023 pageant will have an exciting opportunity to attend a press interview while riding in a limousine through the beautiful city of London. This could be a great chance for the contestants to showcase their personalities and share their experiences with the media.

Additionally, the winner of the pageant will be interviewed for a magazine and broadcast. This could be a great platform for the winner to share her story and inspire others. Overall, Mrs Universal Empire 2023 pageant will be an exciting and memorable event.


(Age 30-40) (Age 40-50) (Age 50-60+)

The competition take place for four different categories;

Platform Statement

Pageant Resume

Project Statement ( Community Support, Research, Social Activities)

Gown, Cocktail Dress and Runway

Talent performance

Evening gown

Cocktail dress

Price 600 GBP

£200 at the time of enrollment.
The remaining amount can be paid in two installments.

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