Movie Distribution

As a leading international entertainment company, our distribution services offer filmmakers a pathway to success in the film industry. From accessing industry expertise and tailored distribution strategies to navigating the film festival circuit and maximising revenue streams, our services empower filmmakers to sell their films to the right buyers and showcase their work on a global stage. Join us and let’s unlock the full potential of your film together.

Alfred Nouschi

Cinema Distribution Agent

Mr Alfred Nouschi, Mrs Universal Empire Cinema Distribution Agent, is an industry Marketing and Sales professional who promotes your movie towards new markets and represents you in the most important international Films Festivals.

Access to Industry Expertise

With Mrs  Universal Empire’s distribution services, filmmakers gain access to a team of seasoned industry professionals who understand the intricacies of the film market. Our experienced agents have extensive networks and insights into buyer preferences, ensuring that your film is presented to the most suitable buyers who are likely to appreciate and acquire your work.

Tailored Distribution Strategies

We understand that each film is unique, with its own target audience and market potential. That’s why our distribution services offer tailored strategies designed to maximize the visibility and profitability of your film. Whether you’re seeking a theatrical release, distribution on streaming platforms, or international sales, our team will develop a customized plan to meet your specific goals and objectives.

Navigating the Film Festival Circuit

Film festivals play a crucial role in showcasing independent films and attracting the attention of buyers and distributors. Our distribution services include assistance with submitting your film to prestigious film festivals, ensuring that your work receives the recognition it deserves on the festival circuit. From Cannes to Sundance, our team will guide you through the submission process and maximise your chances of selection and success.

Professional Representation and Negotiation

Selling a film requires skillful negotiation and representation to secure the best deals for filmmakers. With Mrs. Universal Empire’s distribution services, filmmakers benefit from professional representation and negotiation on their behalf. Our agents have the expertise and industry knowledge to negotiate favourable terms and ensure that filmmakers receive fair compensation for their work.

Global Reach and Exposure

Through Mrs. Universal Empire’s vast network and international reach, filmmakers gain access to a global audience of buyers and distributors. Our distribution services ensure that your film receives exposure in key markets around the world, increasing the likelihood of securing lucrative distribution deals and reaching audiences far beyond your local market.

Maximising Revenue Streams

Our distribution services are designed to help filmmakers maximize revenue streams and generate income from their films. Whether through theatrical releases, digital distribution, or international sales, our goal is to help filmmakers monetise their work and achieve financial success in the competitive film industry.