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Modelling is silent acting. Runway models are bringing their souls to the designer collection. Layla Najafe, the founder of Mrs Universal Empire, has a unique passion for the first time in runway modelling that is completed by her vast experience in the subject. Layla Najafe recognises a need for the runway modelling industry to evolve with a need to be more inclusive.

Way to the top of the fashion world

Our modelling panel mainly focuses on developing new talent and represents an excellent way to top the fashion world – a platform for women to experience limitless opportunities in the modelling industry. Every woman deserves to follow her dreams without the fear of rejection or insecurity. The current modelling requirements need to change, with healthier catwalks, for a positive global impact.

Achieve your big dreams!

Our mission is to provide women with access to the training they need to achieve their dreams. In Mrs Universal Empire’s modelling panel, we practise how we can, as women, encourage each other to pursue our dreams. We practise self-love and confidence. This is why we are also launching our exclusive Modelling Academy to help new models build up their profiles, meet with our professional industry consultants and receive group and one-to-one coaching sessions. We shall also be providing two  Curtsy classes to help empower models and inspire confidence.

Effort, Ambition, Persistence, Respect - The main focuses of our movement. 

Modelling is a combination of body movement and the soul’s expression. In Mrs Universal Empire, we encourage models not only to be runway models but also role models.

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Group session (5-6 people)
  • Price: 350 GBP ( £150 at the time of booking, Remaining amount can be paid in two instalments )
  • A group session consists of 3 to 5 participants coached by an international expert.
  • all the models
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*payments are non refundable