Sylvie, who carries Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn in her heart as a kind of role model, for example, loves “crazy things” and wants to “become better herself”; she says: “I want to stay me forever”. What fascinates her about the aforementioned women is their mixture of insecurity and strength. Now a Berliner, she draws her strength to master this balancing act and the daily challenges “from friendship and family”.

As a makeup artist Sylvie Mopita has acquired the tools of the trade during one year of training at LOMBAGINE. “Hairdressing is not my thing”, she circles her field of activity and stays with her face. She prepares models, often children, for shootings or shows.

No less joy is her work as a choreographer. “I was booked for the entire show ‘Ottostadt macht Mode’ (Fashion from Magdeburg and Saxony-Anhalt); for the children as well as for the adults”, Sylvie reports from the event in 2019 in the Johanniskirche in Magdeburg, “besides me there were the dancers from ‘Vilando’ and the one or other designer with their own models and their own choreography. And further: “If I have to pay attention to everything backstage, I do not get anything out of the show. When I watch the videos afterwards, I get goose bumps. Then I know what I am doing it for! “

She believes loyalty toward others in any platform is necessary.