Brigitte Arakel artist name “Fox’Eye”

Artist Photographer

Fan of photography since I was 17 years old where I had to stop this passion for several years because I did not have

enough maturity to get me into this profession. Over the years I seriously got back to it a few years later after raising my two girls.

I started taking pictures of landscapes and always looking for

the imperceptible capture, then gradually I realized that. I wanted to get close to people to capture the emotions of the moment in black and white, which requires a certain philosophy that allows more relief and contrast to deliver Messages right at the moment. In front of my objective, every person feels unique, a revelation with himself every time. My passion at this day: the PHOTO-THERAPY

Make in photos all people in the world who have suffered and have as a goal to repair self-esteem and make reconciliation with our body and our image with respect and love without judgment to relearn reconnecting with yourself even to regain confidence.

You’re gradually loving each other with all your problems like overweight, skinny, violence, desamorous, old age, etc

Trophy presentation 2018:

  • On the occasion of the 21st Festival of the Longchamp Palais, France “WOMAN AUDACE”
  • 2019 photography trophy delivered to 24th editions from Festi’Femmes
  • Grand Prize 2019 of the Grand International Web Competition of Cannes Off
  • In collaboration with the Cannes Film Festival.
  • Elected Miss Festi’Femmes 2020 (France)
  • partners of major events.
  • Portraits of celebrities / public persons
  • Invited / live photographs during several events.
  • Live radio and local TV.
  • Concert live photos report.
  • Artist cover album music.

The gift of self is stronger than anything when I make people happy at the moment of a take