Mrs Universal Empire Mazatlán International Fashion Week Grand opening

(Mrs Universal Empire Mazatlán Semana Internacional de la Moda)

The OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING RIBBON-CUTTING CEREMONY was held at the magnificent Angela Peralta Theatre in Mazatlán, Sinaloa with presence Ms Layla Najafe The president and founder of Mrs Universal Empire international entertainment company and the president of administration and finance of Institutions municipal and culture, Mr.Rodolfo Cardona Pérez.

La GRAN CEREMONIA OFICIAL DE INAUGURACIÓN DEL CORTE DE CINTA se llevó a cabo en el magnífico Teatro Ángela Peralta de Mazatlán Sinaloa, con la presencia la señora Layla Najafe la presidenta y fundadora de la empresa de entretenimiento internacional Mrs Universal Empire, el presidente de administración y finanzas de Instituciones municipales y de cultura, el señor Rodolfo Cardona Pérez, Mazatlán, esta hermosa ciudad en el corazón de Sinaloa. México es oficialmente poseedora del título internacional de la semana de la moda en el mundo.

Mrs Universal Empire

Where Quality With Integrity meets.

Mrs Universal Empire is a family business that provides infinite possibilities in reaching your goals. Our company is honoured to connect the world through our global hub in London. We organise exclusive, various events.

Our culturally diverse professional team deliver outstanding services to our clients across six continents. The influential, innovative and progressive, Mrs Universal Empire is reinventing a wholly spectacular approach to the entertainment industry.

Layla Najafe, the president and founder of the company created a movement of change with a new direction for empowering women and mainly focus on the potential and growth of their clients.

Mrs Universal Empire offers outstanding opportunities for brands, models, designers and various other participants within the fashion world. 

It encourages the salvation of diversity in the world of fashion and beauty. 

Fashion Show

A progressive catwalk culture is a pillar upon which our fashion shows set the stage to break new dawn in the fashion industry across the globe. 

In our unique new platform, we create a friendly environment between models and designers. We educate models step by step with every small details of designers’ showcase. 

We believe, models have the power in bringing the designers’ showcase to life during the catwalks. Our focus is to help them learn about the history and background of designers and understanding colour harmony. This ultimately helps to engage audience with designs and help grow the brands faster globally.

Beauty Pageant

Mrs Universal Empire beauty pageant is a global movement to redefine beauty in preventing middle-aged women from being unseen for their age, health or various other factors that may limit them from taking part in the current industry. The purpose is to champion beauty across all ages including those with health conditions.

Mrs Universal Empire believes that empowering isn’t about making women strong as women are already strong.  It’s about changing the way the world perceives the fact that every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. The core foundation is to empower women and redefine the current perception of beauty. It aims to develop a collaborative relationship between middle-aged women across the globe. We believe that when a woman expands her sense of actual possibilities, she would then be able to help another which is our ultimate mission in this movement. 

Together we make an Empire of women’s power. Together we can change the world for the better and create a fresh start. Each one of you will be a role model for millions of women in the world and help impact their lives for the better.

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