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Complete Production Service

Professional Production Services that Bring Your Vision to Life with Mrs. Universal Empire

Take Your Filmmaking Career to the Next Level with Mrs. Universal Empire’s Complete Production Services and Cannes Film Festival Submission Assistance

Mrs. Universal Empire’s world-renowned production and cinema experts take pride in providing the best production services available, including budgeting, production management, location and director scouting, casting, research, and handling of all licensing and permits.

As part of our commitment to helping our clients succeed, we offer a special service for submitting short films and documentaries to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. For over 70 years, the Cannes Film Festival has been a major media event and international marketplace for producers and distributors to exchange ideas, view films, and sign contracts. With our packages for producers, movie directors, and actors, you can obtain official badges for the Cannes Film Festival, opening up endless opportunities.

Whether you need complete production services or assistance submitting your work to the Cannes Film Festival, Mrs. Universal Empire is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our professional and reliable services.


Cinema Distribution Agent

Mr Alfred Nouschi, Mrs Universal Empire Cinema Distribution Agent, is an industry Marketing and Sales professional who promotes your movie towards new markets and represents you in the most important international Films Festivals.




Mr PAUL DESILVA is part of Mrs Universal Empire Judge Panel


Media Services

In a Crowded World, Mrs. Universal Empire Helps You Get Noticed

In a more connected world than ever, it’s crucial to take advantage of the opportunities available to you…

Are you letting them slip away??? That’s where Mrs. Universal Empire comes in.

We believe in creating more opportunities for your business or brand. Our range of services can help you share your talent and experiences with a global audience, bringing you closer to success.

Conventional broadcasting can create shared experiences and deepen our sense of connectedness. We specialize in brand awareness, business development, and marketing to get you to the edge of the business world. Whether you’re a designer, beauty pageant contestant, model, or actor, our media partners will ensure the global community recognizes you.

Leave the hard part of your journey to us and let Mrs. Universal Empire lead you to new heights.


President of Méditerranéennes Magazine
Mrs Universal Empire Official Media Partner in Europ