Anita Prabhakar - Mrs Universal Empire India ambassador

Anita is a qualified solicitor specialising in constitutional and corporate law. Having been active in politics for many years, Anita  joined the Liberal Democrats in 2012. She is a keen pro-European and fought hard to stop Brexit. Anita is multilingual, speaking English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and a little bit of Urdu. She enjoys interacting with all parts of society, understanding their issues and looks forward to raising them on both the local and national stage.

Anita Prabhakar was the Liberal Democrats candidate in  2017 for Mansfield and in In 2019 for Gedling.

She says, I am not a career politician, but I have a huge experience in all aspects of life having worked in different scenario. I now want to use this vast experience to help society and underprivileged people. I am especially, passionate about women’s issues, and do wonder sometimes why are women underrepresented. Why are there not enough women in our parliament to raise their voices for women’s issues like domestic violence and inequality?