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We are truly grateful to those who have been working on the frontline during the pandemic. No words can express our gratitude for your service. As a special thank you, we at Mrs Universal Empire are offering all frontline worker candidates a 50% discount from their Enrolment Fee. (Terms & Conditions apply)

Winner of Mrs. Universal Empire 2021


Mrs Universal Empire 2021

Mrs universal empire

It’s your time to shine and win the crown

Mrs. Universal Empire director Layla Najafi the founder and president of the company who created a new platform for change and inclusively within the pageantry, fashion, and modeling industry that will be celebrating the first international event in London in October 2021. This Mrs. Universal Empire Beauty Pageant and fashion show are going to be a first of its kind, an exciting change with a new direction. Take what is commonly understood to be the aim of a beauty pageant to select youthful perfection above all else and fundamentally change this, turn it on its head so that the aim now directly challenges lookism and all the limitations that this represents, this is what the London 2021 Mrs. Universal Empire Beauty Pageant is all about.   

For the first time in beauty pageant history, Mrs. Universal Empire will be championing beauty across the ages as well as visible and invisible health conditions, across the many participating cultures. 

To eradicate women being invisible because of age or health, to edit out the distractions that prevent women from achieving their full potential, and to be allowed to join in and celebrate who they are and whatever their circumstances or life experiences.    

Mrs. Universal Empire will directly challenge the existing limiting, as well as potentially harmful pageantry protocols and prejudices as to what beauty is considered to be and how it is measured. The aim is to create a more holistic, healthy, inclusive environment as to what is considered beautiful. The adverse impact the beauty, fashion, and modeling industries can have on people’s wellbeing for example by contributing to the development of eating disorders, body dysmorphia, addiction, depression, anxiety, and self-harm as well low self-worth and self-esteem through perpetual societal ageism has been well documented over the years. Never before has such an event so intentionally and purposefully tackled age, mental, and physical health conditions within the beauty industry. Being inclusive and positive projection will help to eliminate the harmful effects of the industry.     

Exciting new categories have for the first time, been introduced into the Mrs. Universal Empire beauty pageantry. Age will no longer be a barrier to beauty pageantry as the ages across the life span will be able to participate. Along with the inclusion of visible and non-visible medical conditions including mental health, neurological conditions, and long-term physical health conditions. It is wonderfully exciting that for the first time in pageant history an international beauty contest will be recognizing beauty across the age spectrum, health conditions, and cultures, the world is, at last, a changing place, for the better. 

Layla Najafi believes that age and health are not about being invisible and obsolete when it comes to beauty. It’s about editing out the distractions that prevent women from being who they want to be and being recognized for all their qualities inside and out. Acknowledging that beauty doesn’t have just one prescriptive definition, it is a compilation of the whole person all their qualities and attributes that give pleasure or contentment to the mind. Whether from sensory visual perspectives or from personality, or both, a collection of all qualities, so the sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics of an individual, their existence as a self-conscious human being.

Beauty is in the learning from real-life experiences and in those who know the value of love, care, and kindness for others and themselves. Women are beautiful at each and every age of their existence, their looks change but not their beauty. They evolve with a deeper expression of their emotions and richness in their personality.  

The Mrs. Universal Empire beauty pageant entrants will be well supported throughout, making the experience a very positive one. Each and everyone will be a role model for many other women making the world a better place together. It will be a remarkable opportunity for development for every candidate who competes as support will be offered to allow them to realize and achieve their personal and professional dreams.

There will also be an exciting fashion show that presents a fantastic opportunity for models and designers to come together to celebrate style and beauty in an inclusive, diverse way as never before. Working together, showing the world that fashion, modeling, and beauty have a much greater more varied look than what we have been previously made to believe. The fashion show will be the healthiest of catwalks there is and will set the stage for the future of catwalks around the world.

Leyla Najafi has a unique passion for her pageantry work which is complemented by her vast experience in the subject. Leyla Najafi recognizes that there is a need for the pageant industry to change and evolve, a need to be more inclusive. So with reforming energy the Mrs. Universal Empire beauty pageant has reassessed how women compete for the title.       

Mrs. Universal Empire believes that the impossible doesn’t exist.